Little Miss African American is the longest running pageant in an educational format for young girls in the country.  We are not funded by companies but by "The Village" of families and communities. We are in our 25th year of educating & celebrating our young girls to grow up to be our future leaders. We have the wonderful help of many exceptional people who unselfishly give of their time and resources to help our kids. Because of the recovering recession, we urgently need your help to continue this great work and make this a reality. We believe that "if there is a will there is a way". That being said, "WE NEED YOU" to help us continue this rich legacy. LMAA has proven to produce a great product "OUR FUTURE!"

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Parents often put their Daughters in Little Miss African American, to overcome their shyness. This is a typical rehearsal for Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant. The Girls learn how to wear their 

C.A.P. CONFIDENCE* Awareness* Pride 
"No More Shy"
Remember this is a educational program in a pageant format.


Here are a few of our former Little Miss African American Contestants performing in the "The Show & Tell" Segment of the Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant. Some Years later, let's check in to see how their doing?
* Myisha Lyseight- Graduate of USC
* Sydney Cannon- Graduate of Spelman College
* LaSondra Wilson- Masters Saint Mary's College
* Kierra Branch- Clark Atlanta
I'm so proud of the Girls that have gone thru the Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant. They learned how to were there C.A.P. (Confidence* Awareness* Pride*).

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More videos of our Little Miss African American Contestants